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Next is Lab-In-A-Bag Test Tube Adventures, from Be Amazing. Lab-In-A-Bag: Click

15 amazing activities in one small bag! Learn the secret of the Giant Test Tube! Play with touchable bubbles! Learn how plastic molding works by making you own super bouncing ball, make up to 20 feet of slimy, gooey insta-Worms. Write secret messages with disappearing ink.


Kit includes:  (Click on the image at right to see more)

Adult supervision is required. Ages 8 and up.

Lab-in-a-Bag Test Tube Adventures is available at Chapters/Indigo stores and online at www.chapters.indigo.ca and at Neighbourbood Toy Association Stores and other independent toy stores throughout Canada.

Ice Cream Mugz

You can now make your own frozen treat. Just put Ice, Salt and Water in the bottom of the character. Then add yogurt, orange juice OR chocolate milk to metal canister in the head of the character, shake for 2 to 3 minutes, open up and spoon out the frozen treat.


Our next featured product is Triops, from Toyops Inc.

What exactly are Triops?

Triops are crustaceans that look like miniature horseshoe crabs. Larger members of the crustacean family include crabs and lobsters. Smaller members are brine shrimp, fairy shrimp and Daphnia. Triops have a relatively short lifespan of 20 to 90 days and grow quickly to their adult length of one to three inches. How large they grow depends on the amount of light and food they receive. After hatching, they often double in size daily!

Triops grow in many parts of the world, including: Japan, Russia, western North America, Africa, Australia, and, more infrequently, in Central and South America, the West Indies, Hawaii, New Caledonia, the Galapagos Islands and India.

Award winning Triassic Triops brand science toys include an assortment of fascinating kits to hatch and grow prehistoric Triops just by adding water! Triops products range from a simple refill pack to an innovative 5 chambered tank with colored gravel, glow beads and magnifiers.

Teachers around the word have found Triops to be a useful teaching tool in the science class. New York state educators found Triops to be so successful they put together a staff to assemble a semester long curriculum, available at the Triops web site.

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